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web based strategy game like travian

web based strategy game like travian that's MarketGlory is a methodology amusement, in which you have the likelihood to change over your virtual coin into genuine cash. It is an online program amusement, thusly you needn't bother with some other projects introduced keeping in mind the end goal to play. It is one of only a handful few business recreations where you are remunerated for your every day movement.

As a recreation diversion, it offers you the likelihood to battle, work, open organizations, begin wars. It is an exceptionally complex diversion, and the more you play it, the more choices you will discover for your own advancement

best web based strategy game like travian

Searching for your next game strategy experience? Attempt our rundown of recreations like Travian which offers the absolute best from the class.

Travian is a piece of the hugely multiplayer system diversion class and is a program based ordeal. Travian is one of the biggest in the class with a huge number of players, many servers and interpretations that cover many distinctive locales. The amusement happens in a to some degree exemplary period and has more noteworthy accentuation on city building and administration then some of its rivals which are more military centered recreations.
WORK to earn real money
Read this : 10 ways how to earn at marketglory

In Travian players begin their experience as a modest tribe and from here must assemble assets to build up their town and eventually take it to war against foe villagers. The diversions system profundity has not been coordinated by different recreations in the space with Travian offering various tribes (which accompany their own particular advantages), asset administration contemplations and a vast cluster of building choices.

There is no lack of amusements that fall under the MMO technique umbrella yet this rundown of recreations like Travian just offers the most elite. A larger part of the recreations beneath spotlight on a comparable exemplary period to Travian however some component distinctive settings.

Bear in mind that the recreations like Travian included beneath can be sorted in view of their client evaluations. We urge all guests to cast their own particular votes and add to these scores. web based strategy game like or beside travian

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10 (Ten) Ways to Earn at MarketGlory

Ten (10) Ways to Earn at MarketGlory

This Article is about the distinctive approaches to procure at Market Glory – approaches to gain cash, gold and Euro.

What you win in MG is pretty much equivalents to genuine money that you can pull back through your Neteller / Bank account so knowing the distinctive approaches to gain at MG can help you amplify your profit while you play the amusement

1. Battle 10X DAILY 

You need to do this day by day to get battle rewards, particularly in case you're unfamiliar to this amusement. You have to procure cash so you can take an interest in other winning exercises here like opening up your own organization or purchasing offers for more benefit.


This is another certain approach to acquire cash here at MG. Go to work every day and get day by day compensation. Go to labor for three straight days and get a work reward (adding up to in any event twofold your pay). Likewise, going to work every day will give you encounter focuses (least of .7 day by day). Experience focuses will expand your profitability. Consistent expansion in profitability implies relentless increment in wages as compensation is figured in light of efficiency.

There are heaps of business that you can begin in MG for 10 Euros yet two of them are allowed to begin >> The dairy animals ranch and the daily paper business. Simply procure no less than 3 gold so you can finance your business and begin operations. Figure out how to set up your dairy animals ranch and your daily paper business.

4. Take part IN MG WARS

You can take part in the war as an assailant or guard your nation as an opportunity warrior. You can procure awards – decorations can be sold for extra MG income.



You can raced to wind up the Prime Minister or Minister in your nation and get a consistent week by week compensation from the Ministers' Fund. In any case, please in the event that you won, don't mishandle your position – do your part – out your nationals and enhance the conditions in your nation.


A less expensive approach to begin a business is to purchase a current one at the organization closeout market. You can offer for organizations and/or referrals at the sale showcase then re-offer them for benefits. You can likewise sold your dynamic referral (must be dynamic for no less than 30 days) for gold.

7. Put resources into SHARES 

Put resources into MG shares and get Euro profits. The MG Partners Fund Gold parity are frequently traded in euro. When this asset achieves 10.000 Euro, it is circulated to shareholders depending the measure of their own shares.

8. Turned into A RESELLER 

The Reseller can contribute for other Market Glory players who don't have the likelihood to contribute straightforwardly. There are nations where Paypal is not upheld and players don't have Mastercards to buy experience focuses or MG Euro straightforwardly. An affiliate can help you with whatever installment technique accessible to you (bank exchange, and so on.) and keeps a specific rate for benefit.


Objective Tycoon is another "get paid to play" diversion by ESS (producers of MG). Business sector Glory's Market and Goal Tycoon's Market is between connected. So in case you're likewise playing GT and need to offer in the GT showcase then you need to open an organization at MG. Plastics, Pitch, and Foundry organizations are only couple of case of organizations devoted to the GT market. what's more, ultimately…


Welcome your companions to join MG and show them how to play the amusement. Imperative >> They need to join through your referral interface (Your referral connection can be found at the inside your MG landing page simply over the pastors' symbols. Your referral join looks something like the one beneath:

You can procure rewards (cash, gold, euro and experience focuses) on the off chance that you have dynamic alluded individuals. So welcome your companions and have a ton of fun playing the amusement.

Note: I am likewise sharing this "How to" guide through my articles by means of my daily paper organization in Market Glory (sold in universal business sector). In the event that you have concerns with respect to this point, 10 (Ten) Ways to Earn at MarketGlory.

Upbeat Gaming! ^_^

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Panduan Marketglory untuk Hari Pertama

ini merupakan Panduan atau tutorial hari pertama di game Marketglory untuk pemula yang baru saja bergabung tapi belum tau apa apa, sama dengan yang pernah saya alami ketika pertama kali mendaftar. jadi intinya kita saling membentu dengan memberi informasi bagaimaan untuk mengembangkan game ini untuk meningkatkan peringka Indonesia dengan cara membantu agan agan agar  bisa secepatnya mengahsilakn uang asli dari market glory

oh ya jika kamu belum daftar segera mendaftar lihat panduannya di cara mendaftar marketglory


1. Beli koran untuk meningkatkan energy (default =1)

jadi setelah berhasil LOGIN (bagian Home) langsung saja kursor kebawah untuk melihat daftar Koran (newspaper yang tersedia)

untuk pemula hanya beli yang harga 0,01 IDR - 0,05IDR atau maksimal sekali 0,1 (opsi terakhir, atau abaikan saja)

setelah berhasil membeli hanya koran murah, kalau mau bisa dibaca (khusus yang panduan saja, jadi fokus ke game )

lalu tutp koran tersebut (lihat disamping koran ada tanda X) kalau yang vote untuk awal awal ga usah di vote.

maksimal koran yang bisa dibaca 10  perhari, kalau ga cukup abaikan saja langsung ke tahap kedua.

saja Klik menu Fight (Bertarung) dan lanjut ke 
Klik Menu Home dan pilih koran dibagian artikel. kamu akan mendapatkan energy sebesar 0.3, beli koran yang harganya maksimal 0.05 IDR. Ingat! jangan beli koran/artikel yang harganya  0.1 IDR (Maksimal beli koran sehari = 10x). Lihat gambar di bawah ini

2. FIGHT - Fight Refferal Untuk mendapatkan uang (IDR)selanjutnya klik Menumenu Fight (Bertarung) dan lanjut ke Sub Menu : Refferal Fight (untuk mendapatkan 10 referal dengan mudah) per hari.

selanjutnya akan muncul daftar nama nama (pemain dari indonesia atau negara lainnya, atau trainer/bot ) dan begitu muncul pilih salah satunya usahakan yang paling atas (no 1) itu artinya pemian tersebut paling aktif diantara yang ada dalam LIst Tersebut.

jika kamu ingin mendapatkan pemain aktif usahakan bangun tiap pagi jam 05.00 Wib untuk mendapatkan pemain aktif (dijamin)

namun hanya serang pemain yang kirakira bisa kamu kalahkan, artinya poin kamu lebih tinggi paling tidak sama dengan 1, lihat contohnya pada gambar dibawah

 setelah melihat poin kamu lebih banyak langsung serang sekarang atau ATTACK.

lakukan hal tersebut (Referral Attack) sebanyak 10 x memang untuk hari pertama ini hasilnya masih sedikit, tapi nanti juga akan bertambah banyak apalagi jika kamu berani bermain investasi.

3. Work, bekerja untuk dapat IDR (uang)
ini dikerjakan setelah kamu selesai melakukan fight hingga 10x masing masing 10 menit, jika malas untuk menuggu cukup lakukan figth 5x saja sehari.

sekarang Klik menu Work lalu pilih work yang paling atas (gajinya paling banyak) dan jika tersedia pekerjaan maka langsung klik work

namun ternyata belum ada maka tunggu saja sampai muncul pilihan kerja. yang mana intinya kamu bisa bekerja 1X setiap hari, artinya jika kamu kerja hari ini jam 10 pagi, maka nanti besok pagi jam 10 baru kamu bisa bekerja lagi.

minimal lakukan kerja (WORK) secara rutin setiap hari, agar dihari ketiag kamu mendapatkan bonus yang lumayan tegantung dari nilai kamu: ENERGY, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE = PRODUCTIVITY

nah sekarang untuk panduan dan tutorial di hari pertama untuk game makerglory ini sudah selesai, yaitu 3 hal penting untuk pemula di game penghasil EURO ini, yaitu

  1. Beli Koran maksimal 10 biji : fungsinya meningkatkan Energy
  2. Fight Refferal maks 10 user : mendapat referal gratis s/d 10 orang/hari
  3. Work/Kerja : supaya dapat gaji harian
sekarang kamu  bisa istirahat, saatnya untuk mengerjakan bisnis online lainnya atau kembali beraktivitas untuk dunia nyata :)

ps: untuk hari kedua lakukan saja 3 langkah penting  diatas.

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cara daftar marketglory

cara daftar di marketglory ini sangat mudah dan bisa langsung dimainkan baik di pc laptop apalagi dengan android smathphone jadi bisa dibawa kemana mana sehingga efisien karena mudah di buka (login) kapan saja termasuk ketika kita baru bangun tidur hehe

cara mendaftar akun baru di market glory

pertama masuk dulu website resmi MG DISINI

lalu langsung saja klik Sign Up Now! dan masukkan email (valid) dan password (berguna untuk konfirmasi dan login nantinya)

perhatian: untuk password gunakan VARIASI huruf besar dan kecil dan karakter unik seperti @ *# atau $ & serta number (angka) contohnya: Nama123$

selanjutnya masuk (cek) ke Email yang tadi dipakai untuk mendaftar lalu klik LINK konfirmasi untuk mengaktifkan akun yang Marketglory dan sekali lagi buat USERNAME dan masukkan full name, usahakan gunakan nama asli anda yang mana ini berguna untuk kemudahan proses withdraw (pencairan uang hasil dari game ke rekening bank lokal indonesia / neteller)

jika semua proses di atas berhasil selanjutnya, kini saatnya untuk login ke akun asli  menggunakan username dan password yang telah kita buat tadi dan kalau bisa dicacat di notepad atau buku catatan kamu agar suatu saat mungkin kelupaan bisa dibuka kembali

setelah berhasil masuk pertama kali ke game marketglory maka yang perlu kamu lakukan adalah langsung Refferal Fight sebanyak 10 x untuk mulai mendapatkan IDR atau senilai rupiah yang selanjutnya agan bisa konversi ke GOLD lalu konversi lagi menjadi EURO 

nah setelah menjadi Euro sudah bisa dipakai untuk mengembangkan (membuka) bisnis yang tentunya akan meningkatkan penghasilan kamu di game ini 

atau kamu juga bisa langsung minta withdraw (pencairan) ke rekening bank lokal mau di Indonesia setelah mencapai 20 Euro (kurs x 15ribu)
itulah kelebihan dari review game online strategi terbaik

jadi intinya panduan di hari pertama adalah
1. daftar
2. beli koran maksimal 10 x yang harga max IDR 0.09 (hemat)
3. refferal figth 10 x
4. work 1 x

untuk penjelasan lebih lengkap silahkan baca tutorial hari pertama dan kedua di marketglory
sehingga sampai disini panduan bagaimana cara mendaftar game marketglory baik menggunakan pc atau android apalagi laptop sangat mudah dan sederhana untuk dipraktekkan yang selanjutnya bisa menghasilkan uang asli.